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MARVIN ADENAU               (BETH)

4933 Rochester Dr. , Barrington , IL . 600IU

Married 2 yrs. - Kyle 2

Marv makes his living as an Advertising Designer. He likes to get out on his sailboat whenever he can. Marv must have enjoyed his History courses in PROVISO because he still has a special interest in "American Indian Culture and Crafts."



196 Main Street , Nest Newbury. MA. DI9B5

Married 15 yrs. — Lucy Caroline 6

Steve is the General Sales Manager for radio station H- LITE , 92.5 FM. He enjoys studying about American Civil War History, has an interest in Mid-19th Century Decorative Arts and like so many others in the class. enjoys playing golf.



!A3 N. 18th Ave., Melrose Park , IL. 60160

Geraldine is employed at Oakton Community College in the College Placement and Student Services Department. Her interests include humor education and creativity, video programming. writing "Witty Dittys," and public speaking on Career Planning and Health Maintenance.

SAM ANZALDI, Jr.                (DARLENE)

4é3 H. Fremont , Elm, IL. 60126

Married 18 yrs. - Steve 17, Mike 13

Sam spends his working hours as a plumber. In his leisure time he enjoys playing golf. 



2211 N. 24th Ave. , Elmwood Pk., IL. 60635

Married 20 yrs. - Frank 19, Scott 13. Jerry 6

Her big old house and raising the boys takes most of her time and energy, but whenever she gets the chance, Grace says she enjoys working  in the garden.


MARY ARGENTIN0 GATZ                (ALLAN) 

2506 Clinton St. , River Grove , IL . 60171

Married 9 yrs. - Ryan Lee 5

Mary is a ful1—time housewife. The family has just purchased their first home after living in a apartment for the last 9 years. Mary is now looking forward to remodeling and redecorating their new residence.



I82? N. 18th Ave. , Melrose Park , IL . 60160

Married 22 yrs. - Michelle 19, Sean 15, Brian I?

Pat keeps herself busy as a homemaker and spends some of her time working in data entry. She lists her main interest as "Raising my three chl1dren." Three teenagers will surely take the best part of anyone's day. 



952 Surry Road , Addison , IL . 60101

Married 22 yrs. - Frank 16, Craig 12

Frank works as a Photoengraver. Hhen he's not working, he enjoys coaching baseball and soccer and likes to go bowling.



GTB Mitchell, Elmhurst . IL. 60126

Married Zh yrs. - Robert 23, Bradley 22. Lori 18. Jennifer 15

Judy spends most of her time tending to her family. She also does volunteer work and is currently involved in putting the plans together for a family business. Judy is currently involved in getting ready for her son’s wedding.


PETER BERLETICH                (IJORI)

2338 H. Lunt, Chicago , IL . 60645

Married 9 yrs. — Nora 6, Donna 5, Lisa 2

Pete is employed as a Rehabilitation Counselor for the hearing impaired and other disabled persons. He enjoys outdoor activities and likes to go traveling and camping with the family. Pete enjoys most all sports activities.



523 West 72nd St. , Downers Grove , IL . 605I6

Married I6 yrs. - Jim 15, Rebecca 13, Alex 12

Katie fills her day taking care of the family.  She is also involved in helping Dennis start his own "Coffee Urn Repair" business. She enjoys gardening, decorating the house, traveling, and has recently taken trips to Disney World and the Hilton Head Island .



3821 Franklin , Western Springs , IL . 60558

Married 20 yrs. — "JB“ IB, Eric 15

John owns his own Golf Range and says that he is also a "slave to the I.R.S." He lists his interests as "Golf. Money. Skiing, Money, Fishing, Money, Hunting, Money. and SEX."


ROBERT BLETTNER                ( JILL )

5120 St. Cyr Road , Middletown , WI . 53562

Married 2 yrs.- Jill lh. Jan 13. Amy 11, David 9

Bob is President and owner of National Group of Companies, a real estate aud finance company.  In his free time he enjoys a variety of hobbies and sports including: bird hunting, skiing, scuba diving. and boating. He is a history buff and participates in various civic groups.



548 N. Hampton , Elk Grove Village . IL. 60DU?

Married 20 yrs. — Janna 17, Robert I5

Bob is employed at Commonwealth Edison Co. as a Supervisor in the Bill Adjustments Department. He keeps himself active in the IBEW Union and

says he enjoys watching TV and playing golf.



6700 S. Shore Drive , Apt IGF. Chicago . IL.  606h9

Ron is an Accountant. Ha enjoys playing tennis. traveling, and listening to music.



1440 Lee Blvd. , Berkeley . IL. 60163

Married 21 yrs. - Scot 20, Marc I6

Mary is a homemaker and works part-time doing office work. She enjoys needlework and reading.



me z. Lincoln . Glendale Hrs., LL. 60139

Married 2I yrs. - Dawn Marie 18, Tara Leigh 12

Karol Lynn lists her main occupation as "Wife. Home and Homemaker for Senior Citizens." When not doing one of these jobs, she does volunteer work for the senior citizen home. In her leisure time Karol Lynn likes to read, work on crafts, ride her bike. bowl, and travel.


BRUCE CECCHINI                (JUBITH)

1738 N. ?? th Ave. , Elmwood Park , IL . 60635

Married 16 yrs. · John 11

Bruce works as a Sales Analyst for the Gonnella Baking Company. He has been a member of the Alpine Country Club for the past 11 years. He is also a major league baseball freak and collects vintage baseball books. Bruce said to look him up if you share his interest for baseball.



621 Northgate Road , New Lenox , IL . 60&51

Geoff 2l, Greg 18.

Toni is the Director of Food Services for the Joliet Public Schools. She is involved in both the Illinois and American School Food Service Associations. Toni also likes to travel. 


THOMAS CLARK                (rem?)

352 S. Chase. Lombard . IL. 601¤B

Married I? yrs. - Jessica 8, Katie 6

Tom is employed by the Ford Motor Company as a District Service Engineer. He enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including camping. bicycling. and traveling to different places.


WALTER CLEFF                Married Classmate CHARLOTTE STRUTZEL

6681 Breckenridge, Lisle, IL. 60532

Married 20 yrs. - William 19, Michael 15

Wally is a Supervisor at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Naperville. In his leisure time he enjoys listening to the "oldies but goodies," working on his personal computer and traveling anywhere there is sand and sun. Last summer, Char and Wally celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary

with a trip to Hawaii.


JOHN COWELL               (MAUREEN)

5826 Kouba, Berkeley, IL. 60163

Married 19 yrs. — John 18, Mike 14, Steve 13

John is currently employed as a Firefighter.


DONALD CROSS               (KAREN)

785 Jody Lane, Hoffman Estates, IL. 60194

Married 7 yrs. - Timmy 13

Don is a Director of Data Processing and also works as a Data Processing Consultant.


BENJAMIN DALE                (JOYCE)

304 Green Valley Drive, Naperville, IL. 60540

Married 19 yrs. — Gina 14, Benjamin Jr. 12

Ben is a Data Processing Professional and Manager of a Technical Support. He adds to his already busy schedule by working towards a Masters Degree. He is also an Assistant IG in the Army Reserves. For relaxation, you can find Ben working in his garden.


THOMAS DE CARLO               (JEAN)

209 Wood Glen Lane , Oak Brook , IL . 60521

Married 15 yrs. — Thomas 13, Rocco 11, John 9

Tom makes his living as a Stockbroker. He has served as President of the Traders Assoc. of Chicago, President of the Sacred Heart School P.T.A., and Treasure of Forest Glen Homeowners Association. Whenever Tom gets the chance, he enjoys golfing, skiing, and swimming.



7061 N. Donatello Pl., Turson, AZ. 85741

Married 21 yrs. - Jason 15, Adam 11, Rhonda 7, Melinda 3

Joanne is a homemaker and also works part—time at a bowling establishment. Her current interest, Bowling - of course!


CHUCK DENIS                Married Classmate MARY TROWBRIDGE

832 Craig Pl., Addison, IL. 60101

Married 22 yrs. — Tom 19, Ted 16

Chuck owns his own business — T & T Tree Service. When he’s not busy at work, he likes taking trips on his motorcycle. Chuck enjoys most all sports, and both Mary and Chuck go western dancing whenever they get the chance.



2258 Durham Drive, Wheaton, IL. 60187

Married 23 yrs. — Theresa 20, Dana Marie 18

Mary is a Supervisor at the First National Bank of Wheaton.



594 Park Plaza, Glen Ellyn, IL. 60137

Married 23 yrs. — Terri 22, Jacki 21, Nikki 16

Sandra is employed at Kelly Services in Oak Brook as an Assistant Marketing Coordinator.


EDNA DOWE GILBERT                (LaVONN)

232 Zuelke Drive, Bellwood, IL. 60104

Married 21 yrs. — Yolanda 19, LaVonn Jr. 17, Cornelius 14

Edna is first and foremost a housewife and mom. Following that, she enjoys doing dramatic readings at different church functions.


CHARLES DUSHEK                (MARGE)

99 West Road , Lombard , IL . 60148

Married 21 yrs. — Juli 20, Chas. 11

Charles spends his working hours as a Commodity Speculator. His interests include adventure trips, old cars, and young girls.


JOHN EMMERING                (CHYRL)

13931 Greenway, Sugarland , TX . 77478

Married 17 yrs. — Quinn 13, Colby 10

John claims to be a Claims Examiner. He enjoys the great outdoors of the Texas life by camping and hiking around various parts of the state. John is also involved in the hometown Little League.



539 S. Cuyler Avenue , Oak Park , IL . 60304

Eilene Andrea 15

Marilyn works as a Residential and Business Organizer of House Sales. She spends time working with the Girl Scouts as team course facilitator & camping coordinator. She is involved in the Visitor Center of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation.



2206 Forestview Road , Evanston , IL . 60201

Married 20 yrs. - Kristin 19, Justin 12

Doctor Terry Fippinger is a Pediatric Dentist.



1332 Prairie Lawn, Glenview , IL . 60025

Married 18 yrs. — Amy 16, Patrick 15, Anne 9

Bill is a Marketing Manager for high technology products. He enjoys playing tennis, participates in water sports, boating, fishing, and travel.



634 South Lombard , Oak Park , IL . 60304

Ryan 7

Doctor Mary Ann Giannone lists a variety of occupations including: Psychologist, Sex Therapist, Columnist and Hypnotherapist. When she has some free time from Doctoring, she enjoys cutting stones, jewelry making, and silversmithing.


JOHN GIBSON                (Married Classmate SANDRA Jsvzy)

NRCC, Box 50 , FPO , NY . 09521-3700

Married 20 yrs. — Suzanne 18, Michael 15, Laura 9

John is a Captain in the U.S. Navy and Commanding Officer at the Navy Regional Contracting Center, Naples , Italy . He is looking forward to traveling throughout Europe over the next few years.



3031 Federal Hill Dr. , Falls Church , VA. 22044

Married 11 yrs.

Jim keeps himself busy working in real estate. He is currently employed by Coldwell Banker. Jim enjoys all sports, especially tennis.



675 Idylberry Rd , San Rafael , CA. 94803

Married 17 yrs. - Petra 14, Tara 10

Janice is a Speech and Language Specialist. She enjoys karate and takes advantage of the California weather by water skiing and scuba driving all year round.



320 Farragut Street , Park Forest , IL . 60466

Widowed - Elizabeth 20, William 18, Glen 15

Glenda works as a Real Estate Appraiser. For fun and relaxation she enjoys snow skiing and playing golf.


STEVEN GORR               ( LYNN )

39 Birchwood Ct. , Lockport , IL . 60441

Married 17 yrs. - Brian 13, Danielle 10

Steve is a Communications Technician for Contel Executone. He enjoys a variety of activities including camping, boating, fishing, motorcycling, snowmobiling, karate, and gymnastics.



26W177 Tomahawk Dr. , Wheaton , Il . 60187

Married 20 yrs. — Tom 18, Jennifer 16, Dan 14, Lindsay 9

Art works as a Manager at the Northrop Defense Systems Division located in Rolling Meadows . He enjoys both water and snow skiing and golf.

He is also very active in the local Home Owners Association. He boasts about his new hobby called, "hey Dad, can you fix this?"



1040 Hammerschmidt, Lombard , IL . 60148

Married 23 yrs. — Catherine 15, Greg 14, Bradley 10

Alice is employed as a Receptionist at the local Lombard Police Department. Her current interests include projects and activities relating to school. She is also an outside agent for a travel agency.



609 W. 39th Ave. , San Mateo , CA. 94403

Married 20 yrs. — Robyn 17, David 14

Micki is a News Editor for the San Mateo Times. She is also an advisor for the local high school newspaper, sings in the church choir, is active in youth sports, and is a host for the Soviet- American Peace Exchange.


SUSAN HANLEY BILENKO                (Married Classmate JOHN)

3821 Franklin , Western Springs , IL . 60558

Married 20 yrs. — John 18, Eric 15

Sue is a homemaker and also works part-time at the family’s golf driving range. She enjoys all types of sports activities including playing tennis, doing aerobics, running, working out on weight machines, going downhill skiing, and she is one heck of a golfer.



4 Wandel Drive , Moraga , CA. 94556

Stephen 17

Lezlie is a Purchasing Manager for AT&T’s Western Region. She readily admits she loves California and finds plenty of activities out there to keep her busy. She is very active in the San Francisco Youth Employment Program, enjoys doing jazzercise, and cheers her son on at all his athletic events.



1124 Front Street , Aurora , IL . 60505

Raymond 13, Elizabeth 5

Karen worked as a Bill Collector. Her interests include knitting, crocheting, doing crossword puzzles, and working in her garden.


ARLAN HENDERSON               ( DEE )

23 S. Highland Avenue , Lombard , IL . 60148

Married 22 yrs. - Scott 20, Melissa 17

Arlan has been employed with R.R. Donnelley & Son for the last 20 years as a Selectronic Bindry Line Operator. He lists a variety of interests including: stock market investments, square dancing and traveling to square dance conventions, fishing, and during the summer months he likes to vacation at his Wisconsin house trailer.



8 Manor Road , Lake Zurich , IL . 60047

Darren 18, Virginia 16

Donald makes his living as a Senior Consultant. He enjoys archery and working with the Boy Scouts.



1231 N. Linden , Oak Park , IL . 60302

Carla 12, Adam A

Dan is a physician. He has his own private practice of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology in Oak Park and Berwyn . Dan says he still plays his trombone.



1729 Chariot Ct. , Mt. Prospect , IL . 60056

Rose 26, Del 25, Lorri 24, Duane 19, Kathleen 17 (stepchildren)

Linda is employed as an Electronic Technician. In her leisure time Linda enjoys listening to music and dancing.


HARRY HOSTETLER                (MARIE)

505 Atwood Ct. , Elmhurst , Il . 60126

Married 20 yrs. — Sue 19, Ben 17, Fred 13

Harry is the President of the Whitley Bearing Company. In his leisure time, he enjoys skiing and sailing and likes to travel to new and different places.



833 N. Lincoln Ave. , Park Ridge , IL . 60068

Married 20 yrs. - Steven 16, Scott 11, Nicole 7

Marlene is a Registered Nurse and works part-time as a Nursing Supervisor in a Retirement Home. She finds the time to teach religion class at her church and enjoys vacationing at the family’s summer home in the north woods of Wisconsin .


WILLIAM ISAACSON                (BARB)

240 S. Roselle Road , Roselle , IL . 60172

Married 17 yrs. — William 16, Karen 13, Sara 11

Bill is a Substation Supervisor for Commonwealth Edison . For relaxation he likes to go fishing, enjoys watching movies, and tries his hand at writing.


LINDA LUSI               (nouc)

10369 Dearlove, Glenview , IL . 60025

Married 7 yrs.

Linda works in Sales. When not selling she enjoys traveling, shopping, and making designer shirts.


WILLIAM JACKSON                (CLARA)

3325 Wilcox, Bellwood , IL . 60104

Married 15 yrs. - Billy 13, Wayne 5

Bill works as an Officer Manager.


SANDRA JEVEY GIBSON                Married classmate JOHN GIBSON

NRCC, Box 50 , F.P.O. , NY . 09521-3700

Married 20 yrs. — Suzanne 18, Michael 15, Laura

Most of Sandra’s time is devoted to that of being the "Family Nest Builder." She is forever busy redoing houses as the Navy moves the family around to different parts of the world. Sandra lists her hobby as trying to keep pace with the brood’s "Endless stream of activities and friends."



17 West Hawthorne , Bensenville , IL . 60106

Married 24 yrs. — Patty 23, Scott 20, Kent 18, Rob 14

Kathy works as a Receptionist for the State Farm Insurance Company. She enjoys working on craft projects and is involved with the Booster Club at Fenton High School .


EMORY KELLY                

3311 Town Park Dr. , Mesquite , TX . 75150

Married 11 yrs. - Christine 21, Wendy 17, Andy 9, Mandy 6

Emory is in Sales, working for Nestor Sales and Ace Tool Companies. He spends his free time restoring a ’68 Corvette and model building using fibre—optics. He enjoys traveling and spends any leftover time cutting the grass and cleaning the pool. Emery says he does not miss Chicago ’s winter at all!!



169 Birchwood Ct. , Fond du Lac , WI . 54935

Married 22 yrs. - Jeanne 17, Mark 14

Sue is a Business Manager. She keeps herself active in various 4-H activities and is also working with computers.


VALERIE KLEMP SORCHY                ( TOM )

N4O W6086 Jackson Street , Cedarburg , WI . 53012

Married 18 yrs. - Laurie 17, Kris 16

Val works as a Librarian. She is currently playing host to a German exchange student. This fall she will be helping daughter Laurie prepare

for college.



3528 Desert Garden , Lake Havasu , AZ. 86403

Married 23 yrs. — Tina Marie 22, James Jr. 19

Pat is a Secretary for the principal of the Lake Havasu High School . when she has the time, she takes advantage of the weather in Arizona to go

boating. Pat will not be able to attend the reunion since her daughter is getting married the same week of our reunion.



12613 Overbrook Rd. , Leawood , KS . 66209

Married 22 yrs. - Jon Jay Jr. 18, Jeffrey Scott 14

Sharon is an Airline Flight Attendant and loves traveling to different places. She also enjoys skiing, cooking, and gardening.


RICHARD KUHLMAN               ( SANDY )

114 St. Francis, Oak Brook , IL . 60521

Married 21 yrs. — Kimberly 14, Kelly 9

Dick is the President of the Import/Distribution Corporation. He enjoys spending as much time as possible at his Wisconsin lake home, and for

relaxation likes to work on stained glass projects.



1103 W. 6th Street , Sterling , IL . 61081

Married 13 yrs. — John Andrew 9, Paul Stephen 7, James Peter 5

walter is an Ordained Lutheran Pastor serving the First Ev. Lutheran Church of Jordan in Sterling Illinois . He enjoys camping with his family, bicycling, golf, softball and writing.  He keeps busy as treasurer of Sterling —Rock Falls Churches United, is a member of the Long- Range Planning Committee for the Community General Hospital, and co—chairperson of the United Way Campaign.


JOANNE LAMBKE LEBER                (Married Classmate CLIFFORD LEBER)

607 Beloit , Forest Park , IL . 60130

Married 18 yrs. — Brian 14, Janet 12

Joanne is employed by the Forest Park Public Schools as a Building Secretary. She is a member of the Forest Park Community Education Council and enjoys gardening for relaxation. When asked about hobbies she comments, "Who has time for hobbies when you work all day and have

two children to chauffeur between Boy Scouts, band, friends, etc. Hobbies will come when I retire... then I’ll go back to my sewing."


RONALD LATKO                (PENNY)

413 W. Maple, Lombard , Il . 60148

Married 21 yrs. - Jennifer 19, Brianna 16

Ron is self—employed and runs a business that manufactures traffic control signs and die cut letters. During his leisure time, Ron enjoys swimming, boating, playing golf, and traveling about the country. He also likes to play bridge.


CLIFFORD LEBER               (Married Classmate JOANNE LAMBKE)

607 Beloit , Forest Park , IL . 60130

Married 18 yrs. - Brian 14, Janet 12

Clif is a Firefighter in his hometown. When not on duty, Cliff works with the local Boy Scout drum and bugle corp. He enjoys water skiing

and says he loves hitting that little white ball around those 18 holes.


JIM LENINGER                (KATHY)

6712 Kingaid Dr. , Woodridge , IL . 60517

Married 22 yrs. — Suzanne 21, Dianne 19, Steven 17, Christine 15

Jim works as a Mechanical Design Supervisor for the Davy McKee Corporation in Chicago .


MARTIN H. LIETZ               ( NANCY )

5508 Primrose Ave. , Lisle , IL . 60532

Married 22 yrs. — Martin Jr. 17, Joel 15, Jeffrey 15

Marty is employed as a Quality Control Support Manager. He keeps himself involved in several community activities including church leadership, the local Boy Scouts, and is a member of the local High School Band Parents Association.



810 Moffet Rd. R# 1 Box 45 , Paw Paw, IL. 61353

Married 18 yrs. — Barbara 17, Walter 16, Robert 11

Donna is a Licensed Practical Nurse and night Supervisor of a nursing home. In the past, she was kept busy by helping to farm the fami1y’s 218 acres of land. Besides nursing, Donna is a member of the Wyoming Homemakers Extension Unit of the Smith—Reynolds Post 511 American Legion Aux. She enjoys knitting and crocheting and is a volunteer for the Red Cross Bloodmobile.



4545 Lilac Ave. , Glenview , IL . 60025

Married 18 yrs. — Alex 12

Linda is a Commercial Photographer and co—owner of a photo studio in Northbrook . When not taking pictures she enjoys skiing, sailing, bike

riding, and working in the garden.



4404 Dunhaven Rd. , Atlanta , GA. 30338

Married 22 yrs. — Dana Ann 10

Fran works as an Elementary School Teacher and part-time Secretary. Her current interests include playing the piano, listening to classical music, and participating in various church activities.


DAVID MCINTYR                (Rim)

2263 Kingston Drive , Wheaton , IL . 60187

Married 20 yrs. — Laura 17, Greg 16, Gerry 16

Dave is employed by The ALCAR Group and is the Manager of Software Product Design. When not managing software, Dave officiates at the local

high school football games, is President of the Athletic Officials Assoc. of America, and enjoys bicycling.



150 Spring Ridge Court , Roswell , GA. 30076

Married 2 yrs. — Gloria 23, Lisa 22, Denise 21, Paul 20, Patricia 19, Michael 18

Wanda is the Assistant Chief of Staff at the North Medical Center in Atlanta .



4548 Jackson Blvd. , Hillside , IL . 60162

Married 22 yrs. - Rick 21, Sue 16

Nancy is a Secretary for a Financial Planning Company in Oakbrook Terrace. She keeps herself involved in various organizations and is the Chairwoman of the Hillside Youth Commission. She enjoys going to nursing homes and hospitals dressed in "seasonal" costumes. She also

loves to go camping whenever she get the chance. Nancy was responsible for helping to plan and organize our 25”year class reunion, for which we are very appreciative.


JAMES MISICKA                (Married Classmate LYNN  ZELEZNIK)

5301 E. Paradise Drive , Scottsdale , AZ. 85254

Married 24 yrs. - Darla Renee 20, Jason Alan 10

Jim makes his living as a Corporate Project Engineer. When not working, he likes to take advantage of the Arizona warm weather by fishing, riding around on his four wheeler, playing golf and exercising to keep fit.



216 Robinson Ln. , Westmont , IL . 60559

Married 19 yrs. — Gina 17, Michael 14, Jay 11

Carole has been teaching for the past 20 years. She is currently teaching kindergarten at the Fairview School in Darien , Downers Grove . She continues to attend education classes and loves to travel. Carole says she also keeps busy by driving in a whole lot of car pools.



8521 Creekside Lane , Darien , IL . 60559

Married 14 yrs.

Miriam is a Sales Representative for Round—the Clock ladies hosiery. She travels whenever she gets the time and money. She says she is also spending her time "trying to train our puppy to sit!"



P.O. Box 152 , Bourbonnais , IL. 60914

Maria 19

John is a Special Agent Commander for the Illinois State Police Division of Investigations. He is presently assigned as Director of the Kankakee Area Metropolitan Drug Group Enforcement. John gets some relief from his stressful job by going fishing in a nice quiet fishing location. He has done a great deal of traveling and has visited a total of 48 states, many of them more than once.



336 79th St. , Willowbrook , IL . 60514

Married 21 yrs. — Jennifer 19, Richard Jr. 12

Pat is kept busy as a housewife. She enjoys various hobbies including reading, bowling, gardening, and raising a variety of house plants and pets.



10311 S. Mason, Oak Lawn , IL . 60453

Jenine 18, John 15

Sharon works as a Secretary. In her spare time she keeps herself active by doing aerobic workouts and taking computer classes at the local junior college.



2426 N. 55th St. , Milwaukee WI . 53210

Michael Jason 13

Mike is a Bursar for Marquette University . Mike lists sports as one of his current interests. He also helps out in the community by doing volunteer work for various local social agencies.



82 Country Club Drive , Bloomingdale , IL . 60108

Married 3 yrs.

When not playing golf or traveling around the country, Mary Jo works as a Buyer for Navistar International.



1 S. 549 Halsey, Oakbrook Terrace , IL . 60181

Cary 18, Jon 15

Larry is the Assistant Director for the Melrose Park Sports and Fitness Club. He is also owner of "Noff’s Landscaping." He’s another classmate

who enjoys golf as a favorite past time. He lists physical fitness as one of his main activities.


TERRENCE O’LEARY                (ESTHER)

3828 N. Drake, Chicago , IL . 60618

Married 18 yrs. - Fiona Mary 17, Terrence Michle Jr. 12

Terry works as a Service Technician.



P.O. Box 4070-Govt Hse., St. Croix , Virgin Islands 00820

Although Ray lives far from PROVISO, he says he is looking forward to attending our 25th reunion. He served 2 years in the Army as a Medic and has since had various jobs and presently works as a criminal investigator in the U.S. Marshal’s Service. In his spare time, Ray enjoys target shooting, camping, and water sports.



1649 Larry Lane , Glendale Hts. IL . 60139

William 18, Christopher 16

Gloria is the Head Floral Designer at Amling's Bloomingdale Store. She enjoys gardening, is currently learning to play golf and points out that the "single life has opened lots of doors again."



152 Highland Rd. , Hinsdale , IL . 60521

Married 20 yrs. - Kelly 18, Jenny 12, Cindy 10

Carlene is employed at Hinsdale Central High School as a Secretary for the Foreign Language Department. She loves to do crafts, play golf and sew.



Married 14 yrs. - two daughters 12 and 11

Jan is a School Secretary. She enjoys spending as much time as she can doing things together with her family. Jan admits that "everyone’s schedule is hectic during the week," but that they all re—group on weekends to do some well deserved relaxing. During her leisure, she enjoys reading a good book.


JOSEPH PETERS                (Married Classmate MARY CAMAIONI)

1440 Lee Blvd. , Berkeley , IL . 60163

Married 21 yrs. - Scot 20, Marc 16

Joe is employed as a Regional Sales Representative for the Porvene McKee Door Company. He serves on the board of directors for the Northern Illinois Home Builders Association. Joe enjoys playing golf and baseball.


JAMES PETRUZZI                (JOAN)

1650 San Jacinto , Palm Springs, CA. 92262

Married 6 yrs. — Steven 5, Melanie 2

Jim is a Resource Specialist Instructor. He also serves as the Coordinator of the Annual Riverside Country Secondary Youth Conference.

Jim’s hobby is collecting model trains.



137 Desplaines, Forest Park , IL . 60130

Married 25 yrs. — Julie 20, Philip 18

Judy is a Homemaker and Data Entry Operator. Some of her many interests include: studying the bible, painting, crafts, and working at the Circle Theater.



576 Stratford Ave. , Elmhurst , IL . 60126

Married 20 yrs. — Robin 10

Robert is the Senior Editor for the New Standard Encyclopedia. He also enjoys being the R&B Music Editor for Goldmine Magazine which is a monthly periodical for record collectors.



3533 W. Bluefield , Glendale , AZ. 85308

Linda is a Project Leader/Systems Analyst. She enjoys traveling.


3906 Mann Hall Ave. , Flint , MI. 48504

Married 9 yrs. — Cindy 16, Patrick 13, Carrie 8, Josy Lyn 5

Mary Jo is a "Domestic Engineer and prospective Elementary I.M.C. Attendant." She has recently begun a college course in psychology and says she is interested in working toward a social service career.


THOMAS REID               (ARLENE)

109 E. Park, wheaton , IL . 60187

Married 13 yrs.

Tom is a Salesman.


MICHAEL RIESS               (JANET)

296 Denberrry Dr. , Lake Zurich , IL . 60047

Married 7 yrs.

Mike is a retired Captain. He now is self employed and runs his own accounting business. His lists his interest as "U.S. Taxes."



36 Willow Circle , Cary , IL . 60013

Ken is a Real Estate Appraiser and spends his leisure hours traveling about and doing historical research.



440 S. Home, Itasca , IL . 60143

Married 2 yrs. - Timothy 21, Patricia 18

Mike is employed by the General Foods Corporation as a National Maintenance Manager. His likes traveling, fishing and food.



P.O. Box 42 , Uraasoe, Okinawa 901—21, Japan

Donna lives on the other side of the world working as a Missionary (elementary principal) in an Okinawa Christian School .


MICHELE SANDT BALON                (Married Classmate FRANK BALON)

952 Surrey Rd. , Addison , IL . 60101

Married 22 yrs. - Frank 16, Craig 12

Michele is a Chiropractic Assistant. In her leisure time, she works with ceramics, likes to go bowling, play baseball, and golf.


MIKE SANDT                Married classmate SANDRA WHITE

8436 Orenia Ct. , Orland Park , IL . 60462

Married 23 yrs. — Susan 20, Michael Jr. 18, Steven 13

Mike was recently hired by Komori , America as a Service Technician. He says he enjoys golfing, playing basketball and working in the yard.



20570 N. Buckeye Rd. , Barrington , IL . 60010

Married 9 yrs. — Tim 20, John 19, Laura 18, Kim 17

Bonnie is a homemaker.


WILLIAM SCAVONE                (DIANA)

1364 S. Elizabeth , Lombard , IL . 60148

Married 18 yrs. — Ellen 17, William III 14

Bill makes his living as a Pharmacist. He likes boating, golfing, and is very active in the Rotary Club.



1010 Greenbay Roas, Lake Bluff , IL . 60044

Married 18 yrs. - Carl Edward 13

Sandy prides herself as a homemaker. She is also a member of the local welfare society in Lake Forest and a Room Mother/Auction Coordinator for the Lake Forest Country—Day School. For relaxation, Sandy says her hobby is "miniature rooms."


ROBERT SCHULTZ                (SUE)

16 W. 071 91st, Hinsdale , IL . 60521

Married 1 yr. - John 19, Cindy 17, Jeff 16, Julie 14

Bob is the President of Individual Systems Inc. which is an Information Systems Consulting and Development Company. His hobby is computers and he says enjoys boating, country living and just being with his family.


KENNETH SEIDEL               (JEAN)

1415 South 13th Ave. , St. Charles , IL . 60174

Married 22 yrs. — Nancy Lynn 19, Michelle Marie 18, Heather Ann 15, Deborah Joy 8

Ken is a Outside Salesman for Quikrete, Packaged Concrete. He is also active as Vice President of the local P.T.A. School Board and helps out in the High School Youth program. He serves as a church elder and in his leisure time likes to go fishing and play golf.



1440 Concord Ct. , Downers Grove , IL . 60516

Married 22 yrs. — Frank 17, Tom 14

Carmella is employed by Wilton Enterprises in Woodridge as a Customer Service Representative. She is a member of the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, loves working on ceramics, and enjoys riding in her husband’s vintage cars.



9725 Addison St. , Franklin Park , IL . 60131

Chris 17

Ruth is a Teacher. She likes to read for relaxation and travels whenever she gets the chance. Ruth also participates in various church activities.



11325 73rd Place , Burr Ridge , IL . 60525

Married 1 yr. — James Alan Nolan 21, Alan Patrick Nolan 16

Marsha is employed by Argonne National Labs as a Telecommunications Operator. She keeps in shape by working out at the local YMCA and playing racquetball and tennis.



1209 Plainfield Rd. , LaGrange , IL . 60525

Married 20 yrs. — Todd 17, Amy 14



1063 N. Barkley, Mesa , AZ. 85203

Married 21 yrs. -

Marianette is a Credit Manager for Broadway SW in Phoenix , Arizona . In her free time she enjoys tole painting, ceramics, and gardening.


NORMAN STICKLER                (EDITH)

PO Box 43725 , Tucson , AZ. 85717

Married 2 yrs.

Norm’s occupations include: Soldier, Salesman, Copper Miner, Horse Trainer, Ferrier, Contractor, Surveyor, Administrator, Building Maintenance Engineer, and Restaurant Manager. His interests include: supporter of alcoholism recovery programs, breeder of Arabian horses and hunting hounds, perpetual undergraduate student, and he is now making plans to enter the Episcopal Seminary in 1988. (Where’s the golf.)

LAWRENCE STOVER                ( SHARI )

12155 S.W. Tippitt Pl. , Tigard , OR . 97223


Larry is employed by Tektronix, Inc. as an Inventory Accounting Manager. He keeps himself active in charity fund raisers, and in his free time enjoys camping and fishing.


JUDY STREICH ZIMMERMAN               (cAm.)

429 Arlington , Elmhurst , IL . 60126

Married 20 yrs. — Ellen Ann 16

Judy is an Educational Diagnostician. She stays plenty active doing volunteer work with adult illiterates in Project Plus. She is interested in the study of eastern philosophy, transpersonal psychology and dreams, and has traveled widely both in the U.S. and abroad.


CHARLOTTE STRUTZEL CLEFF                Married classmate WALTER CLEFF

6681 Breckenridge, Lisle, IL. 60532

Married 20 yrs. — William 19, Michael 15

Char is the Secretary to the Vice President at Illinois Benedictine College in Lisle. She enjoys fitness walking, gardening, reading, listening to all kinds of music, and loves to travel.



15405 S. Sunflower Ct. , Orland Parkm Il. 60462

Married 20 yrs. — Briigette 17, Derek 15, Kurt 12

Pat keeps herself very active as a homemaker and part—time merchandiser. She says she is a running nut logging some 20 miles a week. She loves to bake and volunteers a great deal of her time teaching art to children. She has coached the local girls softball team, been a Brownie leader, and continues to take art classes herself at the local community college.


STUART SWEZEY                (BETTY)

1246 Harrison Ave. , La Grange Park , IL . 60525

Married 22 yrs. - Stuart Jr. 21, Suzanne 16

Stu spends his working time in Automotive Parts.

ARNOLD THEEDE                (LINDA)

Rt. 2, Box 38C , Cedar Hill, TN. 37032

Married 18 yrs.

"Skip" is the Resident Manager for the Maryland Casualty Company. He has listed "raising sheep" as his current interest.



808 North 14th Ave. , Melrose Park , IL . 60160

Married 21 yrs. — Mark 19, Kimberly 17, Brandon 14

Lewis has been with the T.H. Ryan Cartage Company for the last 23 years. He is their Executive Vice President of Traffic. when he’s not working, he enjoys going fishing and hunting and likes to act in local community theater groups.



2817 Howard Drive , Jasper, IN. 47546

Virginia 21

Jerry is an Attorney at Law. He enjoys boating, water skiing, and playing softball.


CARLA THOMAS VAVRAK                ( BILL )

12636 52 Ave., Edmonton AB Canada T6HOP7

Married 11 yrs. — Christa 10, Scott 9, Stuart 7,* Tracy 6, *Bobby 4, *Donna 4 (*Foster Child)

Carla is a Physical Therapy Consultant in a program for multiply handicapped pre-school children. She keeps herself plenty busy cooking and working in various children’s activities and church groups. For relaxation, Carla enjoys playing bridge.



3810 Candlewood, Downers Grove , IL . 60515

Russ is the owner and operator of several jewelry stores. He loves to travel and says he can be ready in an hour to travel most anywhere. He enjoys scuba diving, snow skiing and rafting down the Colorado River .


JOHN TIEFENTHAL                (DIANE)

3188 Street, Gregory , WI . 54301

Married 20 yrs. — Bret 14, Brooke 11

John is the General Manager of OSCO Drugs in Green Bay, Wisconsin . He also instructs Dale Carnegie courses. He is very active in sports and enjoys golf, racquetball, and skiing. He is currently into Nautilus fitness training.


AIGARS TOLKS                ( DORIS )

904 Pecan Way , Petaluma , CA. 94952

Married 18 yrs. - Martins 10, Teddy 4

Aigars is a State Farm Insurance Agent. He has run his own agency in Petaluma for the last 12 years. He says he is 3 parts shy of a " CLU " designation. Living in California , Aigars says he is an avid 49ers fan. He also takes advantage of the weather by playing tennis whenever he has the chance. when the ski season begins, he skis as much as possible. He also enjoys camping with the family in the Sierras and going gambling at Reno or Lake Tahoe . He keeps active in the local Lions Club, tries to keep up with the interests of both boys, and "loves gourmet cooking."


JANICE TROTTER                (Married Classmate ROBERT BOLDT)

548 N. Hampton Cir., Elk Grove Village , IL . 60007

Married 20 yrs. — Janna 17, Robert 15

Jan is employed by Marshall Field’s in Woodfield. She is very active at the local hospital auxiliary. She also enjoys hitting that little white ball around the golf course whenever she get the chance.

MARY TROWBRIDGE DENIS                (Married classmate CHUCK DENIS)

832 Craig Pl. , Addison , IL . 60101 -

Married 22 yrs. - Tom 19, Ted 16

Mary is the Head Teller at the Household Bank in Bloomingdale. She and Chuck enjoy Western dancing and playing volleyball and softball.


LYNN VANDEBERG                (SUSAN)

33 Farmhouse Road , Mountaintop , PA. 18707-1721

Married 23 yrs. - Kevin 19, Keith 16

Lynn is retired from the U.S. Army and is now working as an Engineer. He enjoys traveling around the U.S., gardening, and cooking.


KAREN VASOS WEST                (ROBERT)

15W 231 Fillmore, Elmhurst , Il . 60126

Married 17 yrs. — Randall 16, Iamara 12

when not working as a Counselor, Karen and the family enjoy traveling around the country. They also keep themselves busy in various church

and community activities.



17 Amitie, Manchester , MO. 63011

Married 22 yrs. - Bill 19, Jason 12

Connie lists her occupations as wife, mom, homemaker, etc.. She also works part—time as a Dietary Aide for the school system when she’s not working at her other job in a frozen yogurt store. Her hobbies include: sports, avid debater, planning and going on vacations, and says she just plain loves "watching and enjoying my family growing up."


JERRY VENUTE                (MARIANNE)

1N 725 Swift Rd. , Lombard , IL . 60148

Married 7 yrs.

Jerry is the Vice President of Sales for DMJ Trucking Co. He enjoys golf, travel, and working around the house.



11516 Carter, Overland Park , KS . 66210

Married 20 yrs. — Christopher 17, Tammy 15, Kurt 11

Gunta is a homemaker. She also does volunteer work at children’s schools, and in her free time likes to play tennis and bridge.



1512 N. 12th Ave. , Melrose Park , IL . 60160

Married 23 yrs. — Roger Jr. 22, Julie Marie 18

Joanne says she is a "homemaker who loves to travel, especially to Las Vegas ."



Rt. 1, Box 176B , Oakman, AL. 35579

Married 17 yrs. — Larisa 13, Matthew 12, Daniel 10

Judi works as a Librarian for the local elementary school. She also spends time working with a youth camp, x-stitching, and enjoying her family and numerous pets.



924 Mayer, Bryan , OH . 43506

Married 24 yrs. — Tricia 17, John Jr. 12, Justin 10, Tiffany (deceased)

Terri is the Vice—President/Owner of Industrial Steering Products, Inc. and R.J. Flohr Company. She has distinguished herself as the C0-founder/Officer on the National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation. In her leisure time, Terri enjoys skiing, oil painting, and playing golf.



4473 Sierra Drive , Honolulu , HW. 96816

Married 16 yrs. - Twin boys Jordan & Benjamin 10

Edna is currently employed as an Insurance Claims Adjuster and Investigator with the Independent Adjusting Company. As usual, Edna’s interests are many and varied. She says she is always interested in anything that has to do with animal/environment protection and preservation. She still likes to read, enjoys funny movies, and likes doing crewel needle work. One of her future goals is to be able to travel to New Zealand .



P.O. Box 213 , Anamosa , IOWA 52205

Married 20 yrs. - Leslie 18, Tyler 10

Betsy spends a part of her time as a Spanish Instructor. She says she enjoys various sports activities including tennis and golf. She also travels to the University of Iowa to watch the school’s football and basketball team whenever she gets the chance.

RAY YUNKER                (MICHELLE)

3620 Heatherstone Ridge, Sun Prairie, WI. 53590

Married 21 yrs. — RW, Steve, Mike

Ray works in real estate and spends his leisure time traveling, boating, and playing racquetball.


LYNN RAE ZELEZNIK MISICKA                Married Classmate JAMES MISICKA

5301 E. Paradise Drive , Scottsdale, AZ. 85254

Married 24 yrs. — Darla Renee 20, Jason Alan 10

Lynn shares many of the same outdoor interests as husband Jim. She enjoys traveling, keeping fit, and hiking.


RON ZIELKE                (JoANNE)

540 Arlene Dr., Wood Dale, Il . 60191

Married 19 yrs. - Ron 16, Brad 15, Kerri 11

Ron has been a Detective with the Oak Park Police Department for the last 20 years. During his leisure time Ron can be found coaching the local boy’s baseball team, skiing, or playing golf.


PAUL ZILIC                (CAROL)

136 Mayfield Drive , Bolingbrook , IL . 60439

Married 20 yrs. — Alisa 19, Deborah 18

Paul is a Production Manager at the American National Can Company. He is also a Career Officer in the Illinois Air National Guard. He keeps active in various church activities and enjoys playing golf and softball.



842 S. Center St. , Bensenville , IL . 60106

Married 18 yrs. - Tony 15, Joelle 12

Jaci lists her occupation as "homemaker and chauffeur" (for the children.) Her son Tony is getting ready to take over the chauffeur position although Jaci says "that’s when I get more gray hair." She also comes out of retirement occasionally to teach skating and also helps husband Tony in his business. Jaci coaches youngsters in a competition called "Olympics of the Mind." She is also a great spectator and cheerleader for the children’s various sports activities.


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